About Us

GAURANJALI PROMOTIONS & PUBLICITY OPC PRIVATE LIMITED is your one-stop destination to reach out to everyone. Started in year 2017, we offer you a range of basic promotions and publicity needs. Our company caters to the client needs, which includes whole range of communications, promotions and publicity.

Our company taking the importance of building your online presence provides a strong platform to expand and promote over digital media. Also, keeping in mind that there are number of people who are not online, we also take care of the offline needs of the client.

GAURANJALI helps promote the brand, then it may be Business, Public Organization, Shop or even if you are a public figure. In all we plan and implement overall complete strategy for your Business Branding, Profiling, Marketing and Lead Generation.

At GAURANJALI, we know the basic need of a human to be seen, to be heard & to be recognized. We work towards building a persona for them and help them achieve their goals. We provide you with a wide range of services so that you may not remain behind others. We work with a code, constantly keep changing ourselves and upgrading our knowledge so as to provide best and newest of all services and facilities to our customers. Then may it be conventional media platforms like Newspapers, Radio or Television or Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. We make you be noticed by anyone and anywhere on these platforms.
The work culture of GAURANJALI is very open and casual. We give freedom to our employees’ to work creatively without sticking to the orthodox business mindset. Every individual that works with us not only works for our clients but also works towards achieving his or her personal goals. As we believe;
“Evolution of oneself; is the definite key to Success.”
GAURANJALI PROMOTIONS & PUBLICITY OPC PRIVATE LIMITED welcomes you all to experience these “Relations beyond communications” and work with us towards a common goal of success.